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    Women of Emotional Color

    This series is based on emotion as a state of mind and how it is communicated through color. Many theories exist regarding how emotions are experienced and conveyed. Something so complex and intangible causes discussion, search for understanding and explanation. Solutions are given, names assigned, metaphors used, and experiences shared. 

    Even color has been used to describe the entity:  blue in the face, white with rage, seeing red, yellow-bellied, tickled pink, green with envy. These idioms are not necessarily descriptive, but suggestive. Similarly, the Post-Impressionist painters of the late 1800’s used color expressively as opposed to naturalistically. Van Gogh’s cool yellows, greens, and violets in ‘The Bedroom’ coming to life because of an illness in which he was bedridden for days.

    The ‘Women of Emotional Color’ express emotions independent of a typical manner. Through color, each woman in this series reveals feelings, sentiments, opinions, moods and dreams. The color harmonies and combinations indicate certain emotions and suggest a tone within each portrait.

    "Man[kind] needs color to live" 

    -Fernand Leger


    For inquiries about this work, please contact the artist.

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